phpstan complains: PropertyPath (from symfony) does not specify iterable type

Error shown when using the PropertyPath instead of the Interface

When you are using phpstan and the Symfony Component Property Access and you would get this error:

Method YAY\Sync\Subject::initPath() has parameter $path with no value type specified in iterable type Symfony\Component\PropertyAccess\PropertyPath

Make sure that you

a) have the phpstan symfony extension installed

b) you are using the interface:

private function initPath(PropertyPathInterface $path): void

instead of

private function initPath(PropertyPath $path): void

Just the plain path. The reason is, that in the phpstan symfony extension the interface is stubbed and has the iterable type applied.




Senior Web Developer — Entrepreneur —

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Philipp Scheit

Philipp Scheit

Senior Web Developer — Entrepreneur —

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