MSI Summit E15 Business Notebook: the TPM is disabled

Philipp Scheit
1 min readJul 22, 2021


(Maybe this applies to other notbooks from MSI as well).

I had to sent my Laptop (an MSI E15 Notebook) via RMA. When it came back, the TPM was disabled. I had a long back and forth with the MSI support, but then I could finally enable the TPM again. (Don't let them talk you into sending your laptop again!)

Go to the BIOS (hit del while you see the MSI logo, quickly after you have restarted)
Now: (with the right hand) press and hold strg + shift on the right side of the keyboard.
While doing that press and hold alt on the left side of the keyboard and press F2 with your index finger. (it HAS to be the index finger ;) )

You will then immediately see a lot more infos on the home screen. Then navigate to the security section. Finally there you can see the Security > Security Device Support Option. It will most likely say disabled and say “NO Security Device Found”. But that's fine, cause it is disabled and you gonna enable it. Save and reboot.

Windows should find your TPM now..

Credits to this reddit:

Lesser credits to the support agent I communicated from the MSI Support who gave me the wrong shortcuts…