How to use the tasks feature from phpstorm for your jira server installation

Took a while to figure it out, but here is the puzzle:

a) you have a running JIRA server (not cloud) server?
b) you have PHPStorm running and want to use the tasks feature? (e.g. create automatic branches, change lists, and switch between tasks, time track them)

Login does fail with “Login failed. Check your credentials” ?


Use this plugin to allow JIRA server to generate API tokens:

Install it, go to “Profile”, scroll down. Generate an API token.

Go to PHPStorm in Settings, Tasks, Servers add a Jira server. Fill in the root URL of your JIRA instance. Use your normal username, fill in the API token as password. Change the query if you want to.

Open the task sidebar and create a new task, you can search for single issue keys, when you do “Open Task…”.

Bind a key to switch between tasks.

Ride away happily!



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