How to delete thousands of spam conversations in intercom

Philipp Scheit
1 min readJun 21, 2024


So we had someone filling our contact form 4000 times. That generated 4000 intercom messages. Thank you.

But then (as a lot in Intercom) it’s really hard to see what’s where and how to resolve. I first looked into automations for this, which is a paid feature we didn’t have.

Then I looked into search and to batch close them. But the search is paged. You can search for all the conversations, but then only select a few of them (ctrl + a) and then close them. But this doesn’t help with 4000 messages.

The trick is to not delete the conversations but archive the lead. So hopefully you will find a criterion that matches the spammer. Find it, and then go to Intercom’s contacts. Select lead or contact, filter with the criteria, and then select “Archive lead”. This will remove the spam user and all its associated conversations.

Intercom reports: “It will take few minutes to update the results” and this is no joke. They took 10 minutes to delete 4000 leads.

But after all was just happy to not had to delete 4000 conversations by API or manually.